Ramble Cycles is a small, independatly owned, secret bicycle shop

We specialize in one of kind dirt/touring bikes. Sometimes that means we find a cool mountain bike from the 90’s and make a few updates, tweaks and refurbishments to increase it’s usefulness and longevity. Sometime it might mean we take a near perfect off the shelf bike and make it better in our own way.

But what’s a secret bicle shop…?

With the advent of mega online retailers (we’re looking at you Amazon, Chain Reaction), we’ve become disalisioned with tradition retail. So we decided to take a different approach. Rather than have a brick and mortar store front with multiple thousands of dollars of liability we decided to conduct ourselves more like a vintage clothing store? At any given time we only have a small handfull of bicycles on hand for sale. Our eyes are always peeled for a sweet kijiji/craiglist find that we can work our magic on. As bike projects come to fruition we list them in our online store until the right person comes along. So the secret is that we do all of this out of a basement in our home town of Windsor, Ontario.

In addition to that we do occationally sell small parts, both new and vintage, and we also sell stickers and t-shirts that we’ve designed.

We’d also like to mention that we partner with local bicycle shops for larger repairs, new parts and boxing/shipping our bikes. It’s important to us to support small/local business whenever possible to keep our communities strong and reduce our carbon foot print as much as possible.